Conservation Youth Corps (CYC) is a program of Credit Valley Conservation that exists for the purpose of providing valuable, interesting, learning and volunteer opportunities in environmental stewardship and conservation for youth in our watershed.

There are 3 components to the CYC program:

  • The CYC Summer Program provides opportunities for students to earn volunteer hours while participating in week-long work terms in conservation.
  • The Branch Out! program enhances secondary science and geography curriculum and raises awareness about local climate change issues. Students are inspired to discover nature in their community and participate in a local stewardship project.
  • Frontline is an opportunity for high school students to stay involved in environmental activities throughout the school year. This leadership program provides training, workshops, and job-shadowing opportunities for youth.



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"CYC helped build my knowledge of nature. I'm more aware of the space around me. The program showed me different ways to help my community. I got the chance to develop my leadership, communication and work habits."

Volunteer from Gordon Graydon S.S. (Mississauga)

"CYC helped me realize that I can make a difference and help our planet. I used to think that the small things didn't matter. Now I realize that there are others doing little things too and that all the little things combined make a difference."

Volunteer from Turner Fenton S.S. (Brampton)

"CYC hasn't changed my perspective on the environment as much as it has confirmed and enriched my perspective. I now have a deeper understanding of the balance of the environment and the need to maintain it."

Volunteer from Erindale S.S. (Mississauga)

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Conservation Youth Corps is a program of Credit Valley Conservation .