Birding, also known as birdwatching, is an increasingly popular activity, and the Credit River watershed is home to many species throughout the year. Our conservation areas provide excellent settings for seeing and listening to birds. Birding is an activity easily combined with hiking, cycling, picnicking, and more.


Report red-necked grebe sightings

CVC has partnered with the City of Mississauga to increase the nesting success of red-necked grebes at Lakefront Promenade Park.

Red-necked grebes use sticks and vegetation to create a nest that floats over shallow waters. In past years, these birds nested naturally at Lakefront Promenade Park; however, the nests are often destroyed by waves and bad weather. CVC constructed two floating nest platforms that were thatched with sticks and placed in shallow water. They can be seen floating at Lakefront Promenade Park in open water areas. They give the grebes a head start and a more stable platform to nest on.

If you observe red-neck grebes or other wildlife using these platforms, please share your pictures or observations with us. Look for these birds adding nest materials to the platforms, preforming courtship displays, sitting on top of the nests or even young birds swimming with their parents.

Reports or questions can be directed to or call 905.670.1615 Ext. 404