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Rattray Marsh Volunteer Steward

8 month Volunteer

The Credit Valley Conservation Authority (CVC) is a partnership of the municipalities within the Credit River Watershed. We are dedicated to the conservation, protection, restoration and sustainable development of the natural resources of our watershed. Together we have a long and successful history of ensuring a clean supply of water for human and environmental needs. At this time, we are seeking to fill the position of:Rattray Marsh Volunteer Steward

Summary of Functions

Become a Rattray Marsh Volunteer Steward!

Do you love Rattray Marsh?  Would you like to spend more time outdoors?  Would you like to learn about invasive species and help us protect the marsh from these species?  Then consider becoming a ‘Rattray Marsh Volunteer Steward.’

Job Description:

The ‘Rattray Marsh Volunteer Stewards’ are the long-term caretakers of designated areas of Rattray Marsh Conservation Area. The Volunteer Stewards are responsible for a number of invasive species monitoring and management and restoration activities within their adopted area under the guidance of Credit Valley Conservation.

Eligibility Requirements

Time Commitment:

Attend full day training session on Saturday, April, 29th. Attend evening training session on June 8th.  Visit your designated area a minimum of six times per year.


Mandatory Training:

2 hours of at home training prior to April 29th.  This is for online AODA training and reading of other documents.   Saturday, April 29th  Meet at the Bradley Museum Log House at 10:00am.  We will later go to Rattray Marsh.  Training will finish at 2:00pm. Bradley Museum Log House is located at: 1620 Orr Rd, Mississauga   Thursday June 8th Meet at Rattray Marsh at 6:30pm. We will be walking throughout Rattray Marsh. Training will finish at 8:30pm.  

Skills or Education Required:

  • Good observation skills
  • Knowledge of local flora
  • Familiarity with Rattray Marsh Conservation Area (trail system and natural areas)
  • Have moderate physical ability
Level of English Required: Spoken:  Intermediate Written: Basic    

Summary of Major Tasks

  • Attend key Volunteer Stewards Training workshops
  • Visit the property at least 6 times per year to monitor and manage your area for invasive species (spring, summer and fall).
  • Be willing and able to work off-trail. Off-trail work comes with several associated hazards and risks such as slippery surfaces, uneven terrain, and poison ivy.
  • Work will involve physical activity such as pulling of invasive plants and shrubs.
  • Help restore native plant populations where needed by replanting native species
  • Report any new invasive species occurrences in your area to the CVC Invasive Species Program Coordinator.
  • Report any invasive species which the volunteer cannot manage on their own to the CVC Invasive Species Program Coordinator.
  • Promptly fill out the Trail Monitoring datasheet and submit to the CVC Invasive Species Program Coordinator through an online recording system.
  • Hand in the Volunteer Steward Log Book at the end of the year to the CVC Invasive Species Program Coordinator.
  • Follow the procedures set out in the Rattray Marsh Volunteer Stewards Training Manual.
  • All necessary training required will be provided

Additional Information

Training Provided:
  • General CVC and Health & Safety
  • Job specific training
  • Spend time in beautiful Rattray Marsh
  • Learn about invasive plants and other native flora
  • Be part of CVC’s Invasive Species Program
  • Be part of keeping Rattray Marsh free of invasive plants
  • Get valuable experience in the environmental sector
  • Gain volunteer hours and recognition for your work
  • Meet CVC staff and work as part of a great team

Job Start Date: May 1, 2017 Job End Date: Eight month commitment from starting date.

How to Apply: Email Freyja Whitten - fwhitten@creditvalleyca.ca Deadline:  April 7th, 2017

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