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Caring for the Credit Volunteer Stewardship Leader


The Credit Valley Conservation Authority (CVC) is a partnership of the municipalities within the Credit River Watershed. We are dedicated to the conservation, protection, restoration and sustainable development of the natural resources of our watershed. Together we have a long and successful history of ensuring a clean supply of water for human and environmental needs. At this time, we are seeking to fill the position of:Caring for the Credit Volunteer Stewardship Leader

Summary of Functions

Become a Volunteer Leader!

Do you enjoy being outside?  Are you an environmentalist or naturalist at heart?  Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) is looking for individuals to assist staff at workday events throughout the year. Most events take place on Saturday mornings in the spring and fall, but we do have some events mid-week and on Sundays.

Caring for the Credit Volunteer Leaders’ are critical to providing leadership at our volunteer events.  These individuals play an important role in providing CVC staff additional support in the field by assisting in the supervision of other volunteers and the coordination of event activities.

Eligibility Requirements

Volunteer Leaders must be available to attend the April 10th in-class training session before our field season starts, in addition to approximately 2 hours of at home training to complete AODA training and . Volunteer Leaders will then be expected to assist with at least two events in the spring and two events in the fall.

Time Commitment:

Must commit to assisting with at least two volunteer events in the spring and two events in the fall.  Shifts are generally 4-5 hours long and our biggest need is Saturday mornings.  

Skills or Education Required:

  • Must have participated in at least one CVC Workday Events (tree planting, invasive species removal, electrofishing, etc.) in the past or have a strong environmental background
  • Must have completed high school
  • Interest in the environmental field
  • Previous volunteer experience
  • Desire to help out and gain leadership skills
  • Enthusiasm
  • Confidence
  • Self-starter

Summary of Major Tasks

You may help with things like:
  • Site set up and hazard assessment
  • Quality Control
  • Taking photos
  • Signing volunteers in
  • Providing demonstrations
  • Keeping enthusiasm up!
  • Providing advice and assistance to volunteers
  • Health and safety oversight
  • Assist with plant monitoring


  • Be part of exciting stewardship projects
  • Work closely with awesome CVC staff and meet other people interested in greening our community
  • Get valuable experience and leadership skills in the environmental sector
  • Gain volunteer hours and recognition for your work
  • Build your resume
  • Have fun and learn more about Credit Valley Conservation and the environment
  • Volunteer certificate
  • Get a cool Volunteer T-shirt
  • Lend your skills and abilities to important environmental projects
  • Support work that CVC and our partners do
  • Act as a representative of CVC
  • Become an active participant in building a healthier environment!

Additional Information

Job Start Date: You must be able to attend the mandatory training on Monday, April 10th, 2017 (5:30-8:00pm).  Approximately 3 hours of at-home training is required prior to the April 10th training session. The In-class Training Session is to be held at CVC Head Office (1255 Old Derry Road, Mississauga) Resume Required: Yes

Level of English: Spoken: Intermediate Written: Basic

Training Provided:

  • General CVC and H&S
  • On-site event management and leadership training

How to Apply:

Credit Valley Conservation
Fax: (905) 670-5613 or Email: hrcvc@creditvalleyca.ca

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