2015 Plan Review Fees

Application Type Collected by Municipality


Minor Variance $280
Consents (Severances)

Minor – $410

Major – $2,800

Site Plan (Residential) $410
Site Plan (Commercial, Industrial, Institutional)

Minor – $865

Intermediate – $2,800

Major – $5,760

Multi-unit Building and Condominiums

Minor – $5,760

Intermediate – $11,475

Major – $28,800

Clearances – $1,150

Official Plan Amendment

Minor – $1,150

Intermediate – $2,875

Major – $5,760

Zoning By-law Amendment


Minor – $865

Intermediate – $2,295

Major – $5,760

Fees include HST

Application Type Collected by CVC








$3,200 per net ha
50% at EIR or EMP submission**
25% at draft plan submission
25% at draft plan approval 

Minor – $5,000
Major – $12,000

Golf Course $15,250
Aggregate Operations $59,650

Fees include HST

**EIR refers to Environmental Implementation Report and
EMP refers to Environmental Master Plan


  1. The application fee must be paid at the time of filing an application and/or within 30
    days of CVC notification in writing. For outstanding payments, CVC may place the
    application on hold upon review until satisfactory arrangements are established.
  2. When processing and reviewing consolidated applications (ZBA/OPA applications),the highest rate of fees will apply.
  3. Separate fees will apply for the processing of CVC permit approvals, with the
    exception of Subdivision applications.
  4. CVC reserves the right to adjust fees should the review require a substantially greater
    or lower level of review including applicant-driven revisions to an approved
  5. CVC reserves the right to reassess fee requirements after two years of receipt of the
    application, based on timing and receipt of required technical information.


  1. Minor: an application is determined to be “Minor” where no technical studies are
    Minor for the purposes of administering clearance fees is a subdivision clearance of
    draft plan conditions that is administrative in nature with no technical studies (ie.
    preparation of a letter after confirming that CVC is satisfied with the registration of
    the subdivision and review is limited to grading and sediment and erosion control
    plans, etc.).
  2. Intermediate: an application is determined to be “Intermediate” where, as an
    example, a scoped Environmental Impact Study (EIS) is required.
  3. Major: an application is determined to be “Major” where technical studies (e.g. EIS,
    stormwater management, geotechnical) are required.
    Major for the purposes of administering clearance fees is a subdivision clearance of
    draft plan conditions prior to registration which requires significant work to review
    and clear conditions and requires the review of technical information (stormwater
    management ponds, natural heritage system design, etc.)