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At HP, we embrace our role as a global citizen. As the one of the world’s largest information technology companies, what we do and how we do it matters. We start by addressing our own environmental footprint; being responsible for managing our own operations is a cornerstone of our extensive commitments to environmental progress.

Year Joined

Site Description
Hewlett Packard Canada occupies an 11 ha site on Spectrum Way in Mississauga with the protected Etobicoke Creek running adjacent to the west. The site was designed by Shore Tilbe Irwin and Partners who took an ecological approach to integrating the building with the landscape keeping much of the forested area intact. In addition, post-construction HP undertook a large scale planting exercise in which 26,000 trees & shrubs were planted. The building was fitted with many energy saving and environmental features in 1983 when it was built and has been retrofitted with additional energy and water saving features, both indoors and out, and includes a partial green roof.

HP aerial view

HP aerial view

Site Challenges

  • Size and maintenance
  • Invasive plant species management
  • Emerald Ash Borer, ash management
  • Deer browse
Deer browse

Deer browse

Proposed Projects

  • Enhance grassland
  • Formal gardens enhanced with native species
  • Meadow and woodland plantings
  • Insect and bird habitat creation
  • Invasive species Rhamnus cathartica, Common Buckthorn management
  • Removal of horticultural invasive species like Hedera helix, Common English Ivy
HP Concept Plan Aug. 2013

HP Concept Plan Aug. 2013

Projects Undertaken to Date


  • Signage highlighting natural and constructed features, educational interactive digital sign in foyer available to visitors and staff
  • Distribution of information on the site to local businesses as they visited the site for 2 free electronic waste pick up events
  • Common Buckthorn removal by staff volunteers and collaboration with adjacent businesses to increase the impact of this work
  • Bat box construction and installation

Common Buckthorn removal

Bat box construction

Bat box construction

Level Attained