See What Others Are Doing

Profiles of landowners and their stewardship projects.

Hundreds of private landowners have partnered with CVC to carry out stewardship projects on their lands. CVC works collaboratively with landowners to determine the environmental improvement opportunities that exist on a property based on the landowner’s needs and interests. Examples of projects include: tree planting projects, pond and dam mitigation, wetland and stream improvements, wildlife habitat enhancements, well decommissions and upgrades, buffer and windbreak plantings and agri-environmental projects.

Read about some of their experiences and plans for the future.  You may even find one of your neighbours profiled here! To share your story, click here

Paradise Farms: Farming for the Future

Shane Baghai, owner of Paradise Farms in Caledon, believes in “natural farming” with the…

Apted Property

The Apteds: Thinking About Your Land Today Pays Off Tomorrow

Doug and Janis Apted weren’t farmers 24 years ago when they left Brampton and moved to Caledon.

Baxter Property

The Baxters: Caring for the Land From Generation to Generation

In 1839, the Baxter family purchased 200 acres of Crown land, farming it for several generations.


Trailwood Farms: New Horse Facility Owners Harness the Power of Partnerships

Doug and Debbie Hart purchased their farm and horse facility in Caledon this past spring.

Scott Mission

Scott Mission Camp – With an Eye to the Future, Scott Mission Camp Partners with Credit Valley Conservation

Scott Mission bought a 100 acre farm in Caledon in the 1950s to expand summer camp programs.

Jake Grift Bird Friendly Hay Program

Jake Grift Reaps the Harvest of Bird-Friendly Certified Hay

It’s obvious when you talk to Jake Grift that farming is his business.

Ralph Sturgeon and Diane Robinson: Investing in the Future

Having moved to their 33 acre property eight years ago, Ralph Sturgeon and Diane Robinson…

The Kerbel Cottage: A Legacy of Restoration

Gail, Diane and Hart Kerbel grew up spending their weekends and summers at the family’s 100…

The McClellan’s: Harnessing the Power of the Sun to Protect Water Quality

Situated at the headwaters of the Credit River watershed, Don and Karen McClellan own 100…

The Johnson’s: Restoration Anticipation

Over the past 16 years, John and Veronica Johnson have been slowly working away on their 10 acre…

Tom Steller: Springing into Action to Tackle Invasive Plants

Motivated to do the right thing for the environment, Tom Stellar has been working on removing an…

Geoff Maltby in Bird Friendly Hay Field

The Maltbys: Working Farm is Grassland Bird Refuge

Geoff and his wife Shanna Maltby work alongside their family on a 120 acre farm in Acton raising…